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An uplifting boost

20th January 2019

Tomorrow is marketed as being the most depressing day of the year – yay! I guess this gives retailers the chance to sell us some anti-depressants. Everyday is a fresh new day. Something to be thankful for. Easy to forget when you’re told by the media that you should be miserable and feeling blue. As […]

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All I want for Christmas is made by the Brighton Etsy Team

25th November 2018

It’s the #BtnEtsy fair NEXT SATURDAY – December 1st!! And I’ve been crushing on sooooo many things by the awesome Brighton makers. Here’s my list – oh and I asked each maker what their favourite Christmas song is – be warned some are a bit hardcore and some full on cheese…. Socks, gimme socks for […]

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Rock Cakes Christmas Markets – Brighton & London

20th November 2018

1st December – Brighton. 16th December – Brixton, London. The best time of year is right now! The nights are drawing in, the sparkly lights are coming out, the hot tipples, the winter woolies and festive sparkle. As a seller its the time where us makers can catch up in person and where I can show my […]

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Alexandra Cook aka Alxndra

26th October 2018

There is a super chic talent who resides amongst the craft scene. I first came across the brand “Alxndra” when she was showcasing her work at Renegade Craft Fair, London. Her super slick area really stood out in contrast to the often cluttered stalls, Alexandra’s space had a clean minimal feel. She offers a range […]

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I Am Acrylic

5th August 2018

Back in my uni days my best buddy Roz used to refer to me as “the lazy jeweller” I took pride in the fact that I’d find easier or as I’d like to put it “innovative” ways to do things, much to her annoyance. I’d be smugly justifying to the tutors the natural and honest […]

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Becky Queen of Frocks

10th July 2018

Back in the early days of Etsy, when the Brighton Etsy team was small and new, a bright young lady stood out from the creative crowd. It was at the first ever Etsy craft party where I first met Becky. Held in the packed out creative workspace that was SuperSuperHQ the young lady produced her Ukulele […]

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Karli Dendy of DesignosaurYEAH & YEAHlaser

7th June 2018

Brighton is renowned for its artists and creative scene, amongst the many makers a super talented duo stand out. Karli and Jacques run two businesses, the jewellery brand “DesignosaurYEAH” and a mighty fine laser cutting service “YEAHlaser“. I first met the pair back in April 2012 at a Craftaganza, they were young, fresh faced and […]

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Cambridge Grove Makers – BN3

4th May 2018

Yay it’s May festival time again! The time when Brighton and Hove wakes up from the dull grey winter and comes alive again, full of art and colour with a mix of fun and happiness. It all kicks off tomorrow with the super cute, tearjerking children’s parade. I was especially lucky to be invited to […]

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Sootmegs aka Bryony Bird

25th April 2018

Bryony Bird’s work is super close to my heart and not only because I’m obsessed with badges. In 2014 I was super sick and permanently lost the hearing in my right ear, it’s known in the business as sudden hearing loss. It was a traumatic experience but one which I learned from – we are […]

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I’ve got issues – issue one

27th March 2018

Does anybody else have issues…? Magazine issues that is, of course you do, if you didn’t places like Magazine Brighton wouldn’t exist. Maybe it’s my age? I mean what’s the average age of a serial magazine buyer these days? I guess I should google it… With the likes of Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and a billion […]

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Back on the blog…

26th March 2018

Oh sweet Jesus, it’s been ermmmm… two and a half years since I’ve written a blog post for Rock Cakes – that’s what happens when you are married to a web developer – you end up at the back of the queue 😉 Well it’s back up and running with Etsy still being the best […]

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Christmas Super Bling

23rd November 2015

It’s been mega busy at Rock Cakes Hq and soon I’ll be taking the jewellery on the road, want to come and see me in person and check out the bling? Here is where you’ll find me… Saturday Nov 28th – Art Junky – Open Market – Brighton Saturday Dec 5th – Crafty Fox – Dogstar – Brixton London […]

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Winter Sale 2015

12th January 2015

It’s the end of the line for a few of the Rock Cakes products, so once they are gone they are gone…. Now is your chance to pick up some perfectly handmade and unique pieces of jewellery at amazing prices. There are limited numbers of the sale pieces in stock and to top it off SUPER10 […]

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Hello 2015, nice to meet you :)

1st January 2015

I can safely say that I am welcoming in New Year 2015 with open arms, 2014 was somewhat testing, the bit in the middle where I permanently lost the function of my right ear and the lack of a primary school place for my lil lady were trying times. I have to say a massive thank […]

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Rock Cakes on the 2014 Festive Road

9th October 2014

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