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Forget about the tricks…

30th October 2022

….And focus on the treats. Autumn is not all about horror stories, doom and gloom and darkness – we can leave that to the politicians. It is about an extra hour of rest in the mornings, fairy lights, warm glows of carved pumpkins, soup and sausage rolls and wearing layers, lots and lots of cosy […]

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Hey peeps it’s spider season…

15th October 2022

I was happily snuggled up on my bed thinking about the next blog post to write and out the corner of my eye I saw a mouse running across my bedroom… WTAF was the first thing that went through my head, I turned to get a closer look and there it was, not a mouse […]

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Finding Joy

2nd October 2022

It’s turbulent times out there maybe it’s naive to think that everything will be okay but there is a choice to be made, sink into worry or look for some joy. I’m great at the first one so I’m going out of my way to do the latter! Here are a few pieces of happiness […]

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Why the nonchalant face…?

15th September 2022

Ever wondered why the RockCakes family have a somewhat blank expression? Well it all started with a little punch in the mouth…. I like to make work that people can connect to – including me – I love having a little buddy on my hand, a placebo mate that travels with me through the day. […]

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How I’m staying positive in the storm – and how you can too.

19th August 2022

It’s mid August, the school summer holidays are in full swing and I, like many other parents, am juggling my little one (although she’s taller than me now) whilst attempting to work. There’s a subtle guilt that comes with it, the feeling that I should be working when I’m parenting and vice versa… School holidays […]

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Trying something new – playing with porcelain…

18th May 2022

At the end of last year RockCakes hq was hectic, lots of head down working, a lack of daylight and little time for creativity, I felt the need to do some humble hands on making. I was getting all green eyed when seeing “proper” creative work and was craving some creative therapy. If you listen […]

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If the ring fits…. A guide to measuring your finger

26th April 2022

What can be more disappointing than treating yourself or a loved one to a lush new ring for it not to fit? ☹️ Can’t get it over your knuckle or it slips off with the risk of being lost forever…. Just to make the whole ring buying situation even trickier it seems that every region […]

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Going bespoke – Emerald dream ring

25th April 2022

After spending my post university years in London learning under some top jewellery designers and being able to peruse the archives of Boucheron on Place Vendome, Paris, I gained experience working with high end bespoke pieces of jewellery. It is always a mega pleasure to apply my knowledge within RockCakes to create real investment pieces. […]

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Brain & Heart pin badges

Eight ways to encourage positive thinking

13th September 2021

Today there is a global promotion for positive thinking, something that we can probably all do better with awareness and practice. If you’re struggling to keep your eyes to the skies these are a few things that help me to stay happy and bright… One – I listen to a lot of positive YouTube vibes […]

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An uplifting boost

20th January 2019

Tomorrow is marketed as being the most depressing day of the year – yay! I guess this gives retailers the chance to sell us some anti-depressants. Everyday is a fresh new day. Something to be thankful for. Easy to forget when you’re told by the media that you should be miserable and feeling blue. As […]

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All I want for Christmas is made by the Brighton Etsy Team

25th November 2018

It’s the #BtnEtsy fair NEXT SATURDAY – December 1st!! And I’ve been crushing on sooooo many things by the awesome Brighton makers. Here’s my list – oh and I asked each maker what their favourite Christmas song is – be warned some are a bit hardcore and some full on cheese…. Socks, gimme socks for […]

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Rock Cakes Christmas Markets – Brighton & London

20th November 2018

1st December – Brighton. 16th December – Brixton, London. The best time of year is right now! The nights are drawing in, the sparkly lights are coming out, the hot tipples, the winter woolies and festive sparkle. As a seller its the time where us makers can catch up in person and where I can show my […]

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Alexandra Cook aka Alxndra

26th October 2018

There is a super chic talent who resides amongst the craft scene. I first came across the brand “Alxndra” when she was showcasing her work at Renegade Craft Fair, London. Her super slick area really stood out in contrast to the often cluttered stalls, Alexandra’s space had a clean minimal feel. She offers a range […]

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I Am Acrylic

5th August 2018

Back in my uni days my best buddy Roz used to refer to me as “the lazy jeweller” I took pride in the fact that I’d find easier or as I’d like to put it “innovative” ways to do things, much to her annoyance. I’d be smugly justifying to the tutors the natural and honest […]

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Becky Queen of Frocks

10th July 2018

Back in the early days of Etsy, when the Brighton Etsy team was small and new, a bright young lady stood out from the creative crowd. It was at the first ever Etsy craft party where I first met Becky. Held in the packed out creative workspace that was SuperSuperHQ the young lady produced her Ukulele […]

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