A day for everything… “Love your pet day”

Apparently it’s “love your pet day” 🙂 yay!! We don’t need an excuse for that!

I have “issues” with Facebook (basically cant bear it) so I enlisted @scrapbook.lives to help. Lauren is kicking my social content arse into gear and messaged me this morning for pic of Munch, our new massive kitten. I was out for my allocated daily walk and my brain got thinking about how we need to question everything… 

I was 41 the first time I picked up a cat, I had chronic asthma and eczema as a child and fuzzy animals were a massive trigger. I’ve still got major allergies but it seems that I am immune to Maine Coon cats – how very ironic – they are one of the most expensive and biggest breeds of cat.

Just before Christmas my girl and I decided that we needed a little buddy of our own and went on a mission to find our new friend. The joy and comfort he has bought into our lives is awesome and immense – we cant imagine life without him.

This little guy thinks he’s part cat, part human and part dog, he plays fetch with Matilda and is compliant with his lead training! We will be having walks in the park soon if he dares to leave the house, he’s a total scaredy-cat. He makes us laugh everyday and gives us cuddles on tap – just what we needed in lockdown 🙂

The moral of this tale… What things can’t you do??? Things that you wrote off years ago. Like drawing or writing, running or singing, starting a blog or taking great photos… Things that maybe you should revisit.

I never thought I’d be loving a lil’ furry friend this much, I’m so glad I was open minded enough to take him onboard.

What else have I written off? Hmmmmm… I cant roller skate…. yet!

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