A perfect little camera.

Inspiration Monday # 05

I used to take either my Canon AE1 or Lomo LCA everywhere that I went but things are a bit trickier with Tot in tow so I got myself a compact Olympus 5010 digital camera and I absolutely love it. I guess that it is nice to have a break from the discipline of shooting onto film and therefore having to think about what I am photographing, I needed to go digital for a while.

I initially bought the camera for the HD video function as I didn’t have anything to shoot the little one on, cleché I know, oh that and the fact that it came in pink. I must admit that I haven’t read the instructions because I’m not really an instruction reader, I don’t have the time or the patience, I’m more of a dive on in and hope that it works sort of person and lucky for me it does. The camera is very simple and self explanatory, there is also a built in help mode, useful if the worst ever comes to the worst.

There are several shooting modes on the camera including all of the usual ones such as program auto, fully auto and scene selection and also a special panoramic mode where the camera guides you when taking a set of images and then lines them up for you, amazing. It is the “magic” pinhole setting that I am totally hung up on, I think because it gives the images a kind of Lomo feel by adding a subtle vignetting to the shots (where there are shadows towards the edges of the image) this helps these snaps to tie in with the Lomo images that I have taken.

The macro setting is also something that I regularly use, it is great for taking a quick record of a piece of jewellery, particularly if i need to email somebody a quick snap of my work. I am really impressed with the close up ability of this tiny devise.

After purchasing something that I wanted to shoot movies on, this camera has turned out to be so much more, I have taken it everywhere since buying it (something that my husband religiously encourages) and I am not sure that I would be managing regular blog posts without it. I would also recommend the pretty and protective Cath Kidston case which my camera lives in.

The Olympus 5010 currently retails at around £140 and the little case is £8, you would also need to get a memory card costing you between £5 and £18 depending on the size, the camera also comes in blue and silver if you are not a fan of all things pink.

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