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Tomorrow is marketed as being the most depressing day of the year – yay! I guess this gives retailers the chance to sell us some anti-depressants. Everyday is a fresh new day. Something to be thankful for. Easy to forget when you’re told by the media that you should be miserable and feeling blue.

As my business hit 10 years and I hit 40 years 2018 was a massive year of reflection for me. I found after having a child in 2010 that I was progressively putting my needs last. Working more and playing less. I could feel my lifestyle choices taking a toll on my happiness and mental health.

After picking up a copy of Flow Magazine I came across an article by Ruby Wax which lead me to reading one of her books, this in turn lead me to read “You are a badass” by Jen Sincero and slowly my mindset and awareness has changed.

I am learning to take time out, hard to do when you have a child and business to nurture. The term “workaholic” is often thrown at me, a little bit of obsession is okay right?! I have addressed the things in my life that have not been not moving forward and bringing joy to all involved.

So if you’re feeling the perils of “Blue Monday” my suggested medicine is to treat yourself a new book and some positive thinking…

For a general all around arse kick and dose of self belief.
You are a badass – Jen Sincero

Need a mental pick me up and an introduction to mindfulness then this is for you.
How to be human – Ruby Wax

Prone to having a whinge? Ever said that life’s not fair? Let Rachel Hollis hit you with some self worth.
Girl wash your face – Rachel Hollis

Push your creative mind with this fab interactive book by Rod Judkins.
The art of creative thinking – Rod Judkins

I’m half way through this one, having a deep understanding of why you are doing what you do can give you (and your business) unstoppable forward motion.
Start with why – Simon Sinek

OMG!! This guy. Want your business to fly, no excuses, no bullshit, Gary Vee will change your mindset in an honest and practical way, I’d recommend checking him out on YouTube too.
Crushing it – Gary Vaynerchuk

I love Elizabeth Gilbert and I totally loved this book, it takes the fear out of creativity in a gentle and uplifting way.
Big magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

Not into reading? I have fallen in love with my Audible account, it allows me to doodle and be informed that the same time. I find that my mind wonders massively when I read but I can stay on point when the author is filling my ears with their positivity and knowledge…

Let me know via social if you get involved with any of these books, I’d love to hear of any impacts they have and if you have any recommendations to bounce back.

And for an instant hit of joy whack on “Raspberry Beret” by Prince (or your favourite tune) think about how very lucky you are to be on this beautiful planet and have a little dance.

Happy new year, fuck blue Monday, stay in touch.xx


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