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Inspiration Monday # 2

Anybody who’s anybody has their own moo cards, set up in London in 2006 by Richard Moross, has gone from strength to strength and now has a print centre in the US. This success reflects both the products and service that they offer and have probably changed the print on demand world forever.

Back in the day, before the joys of moo, if you wanted personal business cards you were looking at a minimum order of 1000, that would be out of date before you had given half of them away, to make matters worse they would be quite bland, one colour print, my name’s this and i do that… Only in your dreams would you have imagined ordering 50 affordable, full colour printed cards, with you text nicely laid out on the reverse and for each card to have a different image on, that would have been going too far!…

Well, do all of this and more, for a mere £10.99 (+p&p) you can upload up to 50 images along with your text, desired font and layout and it will be printed perfectly onto quality card, they will arrive through your door in one of their beautifully minimal boxes.

Moo also have their moo designers 78 different designers and artists who allow you to choose their images for your cards – so fear not if you don’t have your own images to use. There are also two photographers including lomokev!

They don’t just make standard business cards, there are the ever popular mini moo cards and they also make stickers which i am a big fan of, they are great for my Rock Cake packaging and to give to people if they want an image of a certain piece of jewellery.

If you are a designer/maker I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to have business cards and with images of your work on is much, much better, it means that people do not forget who you are and what you do, an image also makes the card less disposable. You also need to carry them everywhere you go, and i mean everywhere! I was at the checkout in the supermarket today and the checkout girl said “oh, i really like your ring” so i gave her a card… you just never know!

For a small business (or tiny one, as Rock Cakes is) a company such as moo really is your friend, they offer a service second to none which helps your business to grow.

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