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Something for the weekend # 10

I was in Graham Carter’s “Boxbird” gallery a few weeks ago, it is just off Church road in Hove, definitely worth a weekend visit (it is only open on Saturdays so best check out their website to see what is on and when to go). Anyway, I was having a look around and picked up this perfectly tiny, colour saturated magazine and instantly fell in love with it. The magazine, run by Bristol based Dave Ammo, works by platforming illustrators on a submission basis, if you are an illustrator, working in any media, then the folks at Ammo mag want to hear from you and if you get lucky you might even get a mention.

There are about 25 illustrators featured in each issue and there is no messing about with adverts, these guys are independently running a well oiled machine, no wasted pages here! Virtually every artist featured wows me in one way or another, they really do have an eye for the cream of the crop and take worldwide submissions not just illustrators the UK. The magazine basically gives a snippet of each artist and details each website so that you can look further into the work yourself.

The magazine is a mere fiver, issue four is out now and you can get a copy on the website (hopefully they are getting more printed! or maybe Boxbird has some?!!) they also sell the previous copies here and give discounts if you order more than one issue.

The website is also one to watch, a different artist is featured weekly on the homepage and you can also follow them on flickr

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