Lila Ruby King (and her pretty things)

Inspiration Monday # 012

I recently spotted work on Etsy by a lady called Anna who trades under the name Lila Ruby King, her work has a natural theme running throughout and is environmentally aware. I try my up most not to but jewellery ‘cus I feel that I should be representing Rock Cakes at all times but I just couldn’t resist getting something from this maker.

Based in Athens after originally training in Australia as a print artist, Anna has crossed over to creating very moderately priced jewellery along side her 2d work. Luckily for me there was an owl brooch for sale so I could use the excuse of “Owl Friday” to make a purchase.

It is not often that I get the green eyed monster over other jewellery maker’s skills but just take a look at the website and Etsy and i’m sure that you will fall in love too…

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