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Oh sweet Jesus, it’s been ermmmm… two and a half years since I’ve written a blog post for Rock Cakes – that’s what happens when you are married to a web developer – you end up at the back of the queue ūüėČ

Well it’s back up and running with Etsy still being the best and main place where you can purchase my work – there might be a shop on here one day but I’m in two minds of driving traffic away from Etsy store – do comment if you have any educated thoughts on this!
Anyway, I just re read my “creative mother post” from 2015 – an amusing read and to be honest not much has changed – I’m still juggling time but aren’t we all….?!

So I now have a hq in central Brighton where I encourage visitors by appointment, my love for jewellery is growing stronger Рas I think is my work and my grey hairs.

There will be weekly posts aimed to amuse and inspire, some regulars and some randoms when I wish to have a rant or get over excited – oh the joy and freedom of blogging.

Thank you for still being here or welcome along if you are a new follower, sign up for the emails and follow RockCakes on instagram to keep informed of the Rock Cakes happenings, new bling, news and inspirations.

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