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Inspiration Monday # 01

For my first Inspiration Monday I am kicking things off with a plug for a Japanese publisher that produces gorgeous little design books. One day I had a couple of my favorite inspiration books on my desk and noticed that they were by the same publisher, BNN, on closer inspection i noticed that a few of my best books are by them.

The first BNN book that i purchased was in the book shop in Munich’s at Haus der Kunst and is called “Pictogram” one of their “Free Style Scraps” books, it is full of very basic icons depicting every day life, which for me trigger off new jewellery ideas and starting points. The second I saw in Bristol at the Arnolfini Bookshop and is called “Collage Book” it is basically a book of cutting and sticking work, which is one of my favorite things to do. I didn’t buy the book when we were there but kept thinking of it, so called up the shop and the nice people (Snoozy in particular) figured out what on earth i was talking about and ordered a copy for me, it was about six months after i had seen it!

As well as the “free style scraps” range they also produce “Petit Pattern books” which are full of amazing patterns and also they publish computer aided design books, it is best to check out their website to see the full range.

So there the love affair begins, they are Japanese but the books are available on amazon and they have a website (in English). If you are into design, craft, fashion and generally making things they are a lovely resource to have, i just wish that i could afford them all…

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