Caster and Pollux

If you head west on the Brighton beach path, pass the main pier and the carousel, then you will arrive at my favorite gallery in this city. Situated under the seafront road arches Caster and Polloux is a haven of prints, affordable jewellery and gifts as well as a nicely stocked arty bookshop.

The gallery sells affordable modern prints and artwork by artists such as Rob Ryan, Quentin Blake and Charlie Harper, you can see more of the people that are stocked here. The space is not huge but big enough to make a special trip into town, the gallery is refreshing and always an inspiration.

There are also events which take place at the gallery, Amelia Gregory gave a talk and did a book signing not too long ago which got me all excited, it is well worth keeping an eye on what these guys are up to, you can follow them on Twitter or visit them on the Caster and Pollux website.

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