Etsy Etsy Etsy

Wednesday night saw the first Etsy “meet up”, the first of many we hope, it was hosted by Amity and George the UK reps for Etsy and they were both lovely and an inspiration.

After frequenting the Brighton flickr meets it was a refreshing change (don’t tell the flickrers) to have a craft orientated night, more talk of lino cutting, metal bending and printing, rather than lenses and film. The shyness soon dissolved as the wine was poured and some much needed networking took place. There were some pinnacle craft heads in attendance including one of the faces of the Handmade co-op shop, one of the brains behind Craftaganza, plus some cool print makers, textile girls and Brightons best vintage dress maker.

There is such a strong craft scene in this town I can’t believe that it has taken this long to get a meeting together, we couldn’t talk fast enough about future possibilities, meet-ups, selling events, talks and workshops that we should be running.

There was talk of a new magazine that us Brightoners should all be looking out for entitled “Pretty Litter” that’s a hot tip! and watch this space for the info on the basement at handmade, this is going to be the nominated venue for future get-togethers.

I can only apologise for my over excitement at the free bags (of which I have two to give away) and badges – i really do love badges. So thank you Etsy (Amity and George), you really have started a ball rolling so you better keep and eye on Brighton!!

In the mean time there is a massive Etsy event taking place in Berlin in September entitled “Hello Etsy” and it is going to be amazing and inspirational. Tools like Etsy are changing the world, allowing the little people take control of their work and deliver it directly to the public. I cannot wait to attend the summit, meet new makers from around the world and generally get inspired, you can find out more about it and purchase a ticket here.

Oh and about those bags, if you are in the UK then email and I will send one to you, for free, first come first served and all that, oh but you’ve got to have a love for Etsy!!…

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