Etsy (take one)

Inspiration Monday #06

I’m sure that Etsy is going to be a reoccurring inspiration, hence the “take one”. Etsy was launched in June 2005 and was the brain child of Rob Kalin a furniture designer/photographer frustrated with the lack of places to sell his work. The site is only for handmade products, showcasing them worldwide, it is a vehicle for makers to sell their work directly to buyers cutting out the middle man and allowing tiny businesses to grow. The costs to upload an item for sale is a tiny 20 cents, which means that it is super affordable and great for artists who are just starting out. Customers can also pay directly through the site thus allowing impulse purchases, thank god for paypal, best thing since sliced, anyway…..

I joined Etsy, as Rockcakes, about two years ago but have only just got my head around filling up my shop, probably because I am spending a lot of time at home. Etsy is a great tool for a new mum as it means that I can look after the little one and run my online shop at the same time. It has also encouraged me to develop new, more affordable products and experiment with new materials that in the past I have over looked. Check out my Etsy shop to see what I have been up to and for products that will be exclusively for sale here.

As for shopping on Etsy I have only just begun, oh dear!, my favorite purchases so far are some handmade rubber stamps from cupcaketree. I think that I was searching for an ant rubber stamp to decorate my packaging and came across this seller, luckily enough for me cupcaketree hand carves rubber stamps, I ended up ordering six of her designs – affordable but deadly non the less, I keep on seeing more that I want and am adding them to my christmas list. So that put me on a roll and I also ordered a Rock cakes owl rubber stamp from myrubberstamp, I’ve got a thing for owls and I get excited every time I send a letter and get to splodge my stamp on the back.

When it comes to Etsy I feel that I am only at the beginning of a very special love affair, I am still a newbie getting the hang of it all, there are only a few stores in my favorites and a few products that I heart. There is the community feeling that is present on flickr and I can’t wait to make more friends get more and more established, let the geeking begin…

There is a picture on the way!!!…

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