Finding Joy

It’s turbulent times out there maybe it’s naive to think that everything will be okay but there is a choice to be made, sink into worry or look for some joy. I’m great at the first one so I’m going out of my way to do the latter!

Here are a few pieces of happiness I though I’d share which are helping to keep my head high…

Some of you might know that I’m a magazine junkie?
I love receiving my quarterly copy of Positive News magazine, makes a bit of a change from the everyday media that can be somewhat engulfing. Check out their website and social media channels for uplifting real life stories that are happening across the world.

When in doubt immerse yourself in art I’m a huge fan of going local, we are lucky to have an awesome gallery here in Hastings, the Hastings Contemporary is a super uplifting space and a perfect place to daydream or drag your family to your local space to soak up some atmosphere and culture.

Enjoy some Shrigley, he’ll help to keep life in perspective. One of my favourite artists with a super fun website and insta feed. So much genius in the simplicity of his work.

Check out Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes, a Glasgow based brand created by Sally McAdam. With wearable pieces of art that hold positive messages with influences of nostalgia and pop culture, there are nods to politics, positive mental health and feminism.

Forever a vibe of positivity and happiness Holly Tucker runs an amazing platform Holly & Co with practical advice for any small businesses out there. Holly hosts an awesome podcast “Conversations of Inspiration” with super inspiring guests giving the positive kick that we can sometimes need. The website is full of in depth information well worth deep diving into…

And theres always yours truly… Spreading happy RockCakes vibes over on Etsy and Insta come and say hi and share some of your favourite things….

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