For the Love of Owls

Something for the weekend # 09

Over the past year or so I have noticed that the world has gone owl crazy, every store and designer seem to be offering some kind of owl merchandise, from owl tee’s and pajamas, plush toys, badges and pins, greetings cards, mugs and coasters…. the list goes on and on. For me the owl craze reached its pinnacle when there was a display of owls, real live owls, at our local asda, it was abstract to say the least. There was an amazing fluffy baby Canadian owl which was bigger than me, amazing, it was instant love from this moment on.

I seemed to be gaining what started as an unintentional collection of owl related items which has now turned into a bit of an obsession. I had a feeling that I was not alone in my new found love of owls and that there must me more folk out there that want to share pictures of their owly stuff and so the new flickr group “Owl Friday” was born.

The thinking behind Owl Friday is to have weekly show and tell, kind of like taking your favorite toy to school on a Friday, flickr members can share their favorite owl things with each other, there has even been some owl exchanges going on!

This weekend when you are out and about I challenge you to do a bit of owl spotting, get your cameras out and shoot some pictures for next weeks Owl Friday upload, you can join the group here and share your pics with the 80+ members….

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