Forget about the tricks…

….And focus on the treats.

Autumn is not all about horror stories, doom and gloom and darkness – we can leave that to the politicians.
It is about an extra hour of rest in the mornings, fairy lights, warm glows of carved pumpkins, soup and sausage rolls and wearing layers, lots and lots of cosy layers.

Stepping out into the changing air fills us with nostalgia, it heightens the senses letting us know that change is coming. Autumn is a time to focus on what’s inside, not just in our homes but time to take a pause and check in with ourselves. There is less pressure to socialise, nature has issued a free pass to slow down and hibernate a little.

A winter walk can blow away the cobwebs. Whatever the weather taking a hike into nature is an instant mood changer, be it across wild fields or to your local park. A walk in the cold will get the circulation going, releasing endorphins and giving you a natural lift. The early morning sun in the autumn leaves or the afternoon golden hour on the beach will stay with you into the night.

If you need a little self care treat this Feel Good First Aid Kit from independent designer Angela Chick covers all the bases. Her uplifting product encourage and champion positive mental health, check out her online store and follow on instagram here. Her products are great to send to friends as a surprise treat…

Always playing to the seasons The Simple Things magazine is a proper Sunday afternoon snuggle down read. They have got this so right, monthly issues full of inspiration and goodness, with projects to make and recipes to follow, you can order a copy here or subscribe.

Speaking of something simple a cup of tea can be all you need to take a pause and a moment to yourself.
I love the Yogi Tea brand, they make lots of flavours and each cup comes complete with a little wisdom on the tag.

I’m a sucker for always being on the go, juggling single parenting with my business, the current economic climate and life in general can take it’s toll but I can find time to rustle up a decent soup – with a sausage roll or just some fresh crusty bread, it cannot be beaten. I enjoy that food shopping trip, picking out just the right ingredients. A goto for inspiring recipes is The BBC Good Food, they have 90 soup recipes alone so you’re sure to find something you love.

The autumn has always played a part in my work, ideas come easily. My work flows on feelings, I love the combination of dark and light. Skulls that are friendly, ghosts that are cute, tiny acorns that symbolise potential and spiders big and small. It’s a great time to snuggle down and get creative.

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