Grayson Perry at Victoria Miro

For those of you who saw the recent channel 4 Grayson Perry series “In the best possible taste” there is no way that you are going to want to miss this exhibition and for those of you that did miss the series then you’ve got a bit of catching up to do.

From now until early August the Victoria Miro gallery, Old Street London, is showing Grayson Perry’s six tapestries, a show entitled “The Vanity of Small Differences”.

The work is full of nostalgia as Perry investigates British culture from working class to upper class, how where we come from influences our actions, expectations and taste. The six tapestries tell the story of Tim Rakewell, a fictional character who is born, grows up and finally meets his maker through this collection of woven images. The pieces mix traditional craft with a modern method of making, images of modern life with references to Hogath’s paintings from the 1700’s and well know religious scenes are revisited.

This man is pure genius! You’ve got one week left to watch the series on 4od and until August 11th to visit the tapestries in person….

Image from telegraph interview.

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