Hello 2015, nice to meet you :)

I can safely say that I am welcoming in New Year 2015 with open arms, 2014 was somewhat testing, the bit in the middle where I permanently lost the function of my right ear and the lack of a primary school place for my lil lady were trying times.

I have to say a massive thank you to my family for keeping me sane and also to the Brighton creative crew, DesignosaurYEAH, ilikecats, HelloDodo, Mooshpie, Kirstin Stride and my new collaborative buddy of 2014 Sarah Edmonds for being completely amazing and amusing. And of course to everybody that supported my work and bought jewellery from me, keeping Rock Cakes real and thriving.

My husband rolls his eyes at the mention of new years resolutions, me however, I’m a massive sucker for them, not the deprive yourself of your favourite food or forcing yourself to run at 6am in the rain type, more of the uplifting positive new beginning. My resolutions are always creative, my Gocco printer was a new year treat a few years back, this year I have made a creative plan to indulge myself in books, galleries and photography, consume some creative input and see what the output is. I may have ordered a few new jewelley related treats, books and some bits and bobs from Cass Art, just for a little creative boost…

So Happy New Year y’all, go make some uplifting resolutions that you’ll want to stick to…


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