If the ring fits…. A guide to measuring your finger

What can be more disappointing than treating yourself or a loved one to a lush new ring for it not to fit? ☹️ Can’t get it over your knuckle or it slips off with the risk of being lost forever….

Just to make the whole ring buying situation even trickier it seems that every region of the world has its own way of measuring, from diameter to circumference to the uk’s very own A-Z scale. We have a conversion chart that covers the worlds scales so we can work with global sizes but the easiest thing for you is often to measure in mm.

Here’s a simple guide to getting a ring that fits 🙂

Option one – measure a ring that already fits you.

  • Take your ring that perfectly fits the desired finger.
  • Put the ring on a mm ruler and measure the internal inside diameter of the ring, make sure to get the centre of the ring.
  • Let us know the diameter measurement and we can work with that.

Option two – measure your finger using a strip of paper – many jewellers recommend this but I am skeptical as it can be tricky and is not always super accurate.

  • Cut a strip of paper (5mm wide is good) long enough to wrap around your finger with a few cm to spare.
  • Wrap the paper snugly around your finger and mark where it joins, a snugger fit is a more accurate size.
  • Measure in mm the length of the paper to the mark and that’s your fingers circumference.
  • Let us know the circumference measurement and we can work with that.

Option three – get a ring sizer

If you are in the uk and still unsure or nervous about the sizing drop me a message with your postal address and we will send a sizer to you for free 🙂 Outside of the uk please get in touch and I will point you in the right direction to get your finger measured.

Hope that helps, any questions please get in touch! xx

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