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Inspiration Monday # 06

Back in 2007 I walked into Magma, a store which is an inspiration in itself, to see if there were any cool new books out and I am so glad that I did, I flicked through the first “Illustration Play” and knew that I had to have a copy, I was blown away by some of the work inside.

The paper cutting and manipulation work by Peter Callesen is amazing, he manages to bring life to a plain sheet of paper, transforming the silhouette of an apple into a three dimensional paper apple core and the cut out of a man transformed into a skeleton, you have got to see the work to believe it…

The collage embrodary work by Eleanor Bowley is beautiful, she combigns paper, fabric and found embellishments to create portraits and images in a totally unique style.

This original issue is also the book where I first heard of Rob Ryan, the now hugely popular artist who’s media is paper cutting, he has gone on to produce his book “this is for you” and I have even seen his work advertising John Lewis in a London underground station.

In total there are 23 artists featured in the first book, each one having their own unique style and identity of within their work. Illustration Play 2 is also out now and has been worth the wait, this time platforming 24 illustrators who work in different mediums from paper to paint to textiles both two and three dimensionally.

If you buy any books this year I urge you to get into the Illustratin Play books, published by Gingko Press, they have bought a light into my life and are a great starting point to research further into the work of these artists, I just hope that there is an illustration play 3 in the pipeline…

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