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There is a young lady based in Boston, Massachusetts, who is bursting with creativity, Sara Barrett aka Barkdecor began her creative journey as a graphic designer and set up her label in 2009. Sara clearly has a talent for drawing and has transfered these skills into producing amazing and beautifully printed products, from fine art to scarves and tee’s to cushions.

Sara’s work is heavily eco ethical, the screens are exposed in natural daylight giving the work a direct connection with nature, this also dictates when she can expose her drawings. All of the inks that are used are also eco friendly and the designs themselves are often influenced by nature.

For those of you who have seen me out and about in Brighton I am forever rocking a handmade headband, it is the perfect fashion tool for a frequently windy and wet city, eliminating the problem of a bad hair day, making life a billion times easier! There are also gorgeous printed infinity scarves, great pieces to add to an outfit and little works of art in their own right, as well as bold printed tee’s for both men and women.

The products in the Barkdecor Etsy shop are really well made and nicely priced, they are worth every penny, Sara is very friendly and helpful, and the work is shipped worldwide…

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