Hey peeps it’s spider season…

I was happily snuggled up on my bed thinking about the next blog post to write and out the corner of my eye I saw a mouse running across my bedroom… WTAF was the first thing that went through my head, I turned to get a closer look and there it was, not a mouse but a freakin’ spider, big enough to eat me whole!

Spiders have been “running” throughout my jewellery since the early days of RockCakes, they are probably my biggest phobia. If one gets too close I go into full freeze mode, they can take my breath away. Why am I compelled use them in my work?

The first spider I made was inspired by the nostalgia of a Halloween toy, one of those plastic rings that kids use to freak out their friends. I wanted to give a precious, grown-up touch to this kids toy, so I moulded and cast a silver spider. I’ve always wanted the jewellery I create to be playful, evoke feelings and reactions, maybe, just maybe, there’s a touch of attention seeking.

The oversized Spider Ring does just that, if you’re out and about it’s going to get noticed, spark a reaction, be it positive or negative and with it bring conversation and connection.

Sending these bold pieces out into the world is super fun, one lady specifically bought one to freak out her husband…

“Absolutely adore my new spider ring, although can’t leave it around the house because I’ve already terrified my husband once with it! Such a beautiful ring.”

As with most things in life there is an opposite. Who doesn’t love finding a micro sized money spider scurrying across their jumper, carefully setting it free with its invisible thread. These little spiders I can stand, they inspired me to create some super delicate threading earrings, lucky creatures that can hang from your lobes and bring a little joy to the world.

I like there to be a reason behind the jewellery, something the wearer can connect with, it’s not just an inanimate object but a conversation starter, a statement about the wearer, there is life within the pieces. The jewellery is not meant for the faint hearted but an extension of personality, life is short and who wants to spend it being a wallflower….? Not me!

So it’s time to embrace the autumn, go out and enjoy the world and find inspiration in the things that give us the shivers as well as the happy vibes.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Statements work best for me

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