Jewel Alchemy – Lila Ruby King

For the first of my Jewel Alchemy blog posts it was a no brainer that I would feature the work of Lila (Anna) Ruby King, an Australian designer who resides in Greece and aims to run a carbon neutral business. I first noticed her pieces on Etsy where she runs a hugely successful shop, selling work that is very distinctive and full of character.

You can see that Anna is an illustrator at heart with nature being the inspiration behind her work, she studies birds, seed pods, trees, flowers and insects, her drawings lend themselves perfectly to the products that she makes.

Anna creates jewellery from plastic, porcelain and wood to a perfected standard. The plastic pieces are hand coloured with pencil crayons and raised black line details, resulting in bright and bold easy to wear pieces. From the “Burrowing Owl” pin to the tiny “Sparrow and Heart” Earrings I love them all!!…

For the porcelain pieces the bright white combigned with the block colour illustrations give these pieces a clean, bold and tactile look, making the work super desirable. I love the “Tree Years” brooch and the little “Snake Ring” is so cute. The fragile nature of the material adds to the preciousness of the pieces, a perfect use of alchemy!

The wooden pieces again are distinctively Anna’s but are more subtle than the other jewellery with the natural look and texture of the wood lending itself well to anna’s style and subjects. The details work really well particularly on the “Dancing Bear” brooch with its engraved leaf patterns.

As well as jewellery Anna creates fabrics, prints and cards all of which you can see (and buy) on Etsy and follow her on Twitter.


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