Jewel Thief – don’t mind if i do…

Something for the weekend # 2

Welcome to the shiny, shiny world of Jewel Thief, run by Jonathan and Richard (aka Tricky), this individually different jewellery store stands out from the crowd like no other, and in Brighton that is quite an achievement. On mentioning to friends that Rock Cakes is now stocked in Jewel Thief their reactions are like “oh, wow, yeah, I’ve seen that shop”. There are some real gems, excuse the pun but i couldn’t resist, to be found.

My two favorite jewellers from the store, other than yours truly, are Tina Lilienthal and Momocreatura. Tina’s jewellery first stood out to me with it’s bold simplicity, who can’t notice it, i need those cherry earrings in pink, they are divine and one day they will be mine. I also always feel the need for a a bit of evil in my life and Momocreatura really hits the spot with her theatrical work, i like the rabbit with the bleeding heart entitled “nearly dead rabbit” (there is also a mouse) but it is the “cuffed bear” that i would part cash for, in yellow gold – just in case the husband is reading! it is pretty dark though, i think that i would be sending regular donations to the rspca with that hanging around my neck.

I am super, super excited that Rock Cakes will be sitting along side such fantastic work, I hope that it is bright and shiny enough, we’re a bit nervous! I don’t need to say anything more other than the fact that you are not likely to find another jewellers in Brighton housing such a diverse range of designers and products, they are described on their website as a treasure trove and that’s exactly what they are.

You will find Jewel Thief at 26 Dukes Lane, BN1 1BG, in contrast to most daunting jewellers the door here is usually invitingly open, I dare you to go inside…

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