Lights by Day

Inspiration Monday # 03

It was back in London 2006, I was out with a friend on a bright and sunny day in may, when I first noticed the street lights on in the day, it was at a time when the government were really pushing environmental awareness, advertising to turn your lights off at home, put less water in your kettle and recycle, recycle, recycle. I guess that is why I found it so utterly ridiculous that we were lighting up the sun filled streets and felt the need to share it with the flickr community and thus “lights by day” was born.

There are now about 3,000 members in the flickr group spotting these lights that are on in the daytime, they seem to be much more common in the uk than other countries, I cant walk down the street here without noticing one. On a trip to Germany I was most disappointed to come home without any “light by day” shots, sometimes I forget that not seeing any is actually a good thing!

The local councils are in charge of street light maintenance and you do see men in their cherry pickers fixing them. The Brighton and Hove council aim to deal with street lights that are not working within five days of being reported. So if you do spot one, take a picture, upload it to flickr and then report it, if you are in a different part of the country contact your local council…

You will also see other people guilty of using unnecessary daytime lighting, particularly at train stations and on motorways, you wont help noticing them from now on…

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