Something for the weekend # 03

Being a fan of all things handmade I have to mention, a perfectly quaint and kitsch shop in Kemptown (Brighton), that nestles between a kitchen shop and an offie (aptly named the boozy cow). There is a little studio office at the back of the store where there is always somebody busying away on the sewing machine, most of the products on offer are made on site. It seems that this shop is new but I have been going in there for over a year, it must be because of the ever changing pretty things on show in the window.

I guess that the main appeal to me is kitting out my baby girl, as many of the products are for children, from cute little handmade dresses, customised tees and super cool bibs as well as night lights, I bought a fab pink rabbit light “for the little one”. There are also things on offer for big kids, the cushions and lampshades are lovely and I recently bought some beautiful cups and saucers for my ma and pa!

There are lots of nice little cafe’s, pubs, gift and antique shops to visit in Kemptown village so if you are a Brightoner it is well worth a trip out of the main town to have a mooch around. If you are feeling lazy, not from around these parts or the weather has got the better of you then there is always the website

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