Merrimaking – animal style

Inspiration Monday # 11

There are two young ladies working very hard to bring us some joy, warmth and happiness in the form of eared hoods.

I first came across these Merrimaking hoods back in 2009 (I think it was) at Red Mutha’s fashion fair at Fabrica in Brighton, I was running a stall and could see throughout the day people trying on these hoods, I was secretly jelous but didn’t have the guts to wear one, silly me.

Some time went on and (as you probably know by now) I hooked up, in a design sense, with Robot Bunny, I walked into his pop-up shop and the first thing that I spotted was these hoods, I immediately popped one on and have barely taken it off since, it’s just too cosy for words.

And just to prove that the world is teeny tiny, I was at the launch of Supermarket Sarah’s show in Selfridges on Friday night and who should be there but the Merrimaking ladies I excitingly told them that I have one of their pieces and they said “oh what animal are you?…” It turns out that I am a wolf but you can be a Bear, Lamb, Leapord cub,¬† City Fox, Arctic fox or a Panda and they offer a bespoke service where you can choose your animal and lining and have your hood delivered to you for a mere ¬£28. Now I want a Leapord cub and a Panda, I wonder if they make mini ones for my lil’ girl?….

Photo by my lovely husband lomokev.

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  1. Thundacub says:

    SUPER-WICKED-COOL! You look fantastic and VERY warm. I am GAGGING to work with MerriMaking, I think my bleepy sounds would be complimented by their furry headwear… all the same, keep up the great work whilst alerting people of such greatness.

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