Mike Levy talk at next week’s Craftaganza Live

A big challenge for a designer maker is approaching galleries that you admire and want to stock your work.

Knowing how to approach a gallery in the first place can be a puzzle in itself, should you email, write, give them a call or go in?  You then need to decide how to present your work to them, how to structure your pricing, is it wholesale or sale and return…

How do you know if you are ready and if your work is up to standard, would you be able to cope with an order and with supplying to the gallery’s demand?…

Is the cudos and publicity of being in a gallery worth money in itself?

Next Wednesday’s Craftaganza Live is going to be a real insight into what a gallery curator is looking for. We are super lucky to be hearing from Mike Levy owner / director of Castor and Pollux, one of Brighton’s leading modern galleries. Mike is also a practicing artist who sells his own work, so his knowledge will be invaluable.

It is sure to be an inspiring and insightful evening, as ever it’s free for all who are interested. Please do bring some beer (or lemonade) money for the bar as The Old Market are super kind in letting us use their fab venue for free.

It’s all happening next Wednesday (April 17th 2013), doors will open at 7pm and the talk will be from 7:45pm.

It is a great evening to meet other local makers and have a proper chat before and after the talk. I hope to see lots of crafty faces on the night with notebooks open and pens poised…


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