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Time is ticking and I am getting nervous, I haven’t worked quite this hard for a long time, at least not since I had a boss. I am a tinsy winsy bit obsessed with my little company Rock Cakes at the mo’ and working as hard as I can, taking into consideration that there is a 17 month old on the scene who needs quality food, love and entertainment on a full time bases. But that’s how it goes, the more that you have to do, the less time that you have to think about it, you just don’t stop and seem to get a million things done.

And so it was at a quieter part of the year, mid winter to be precise, when I had a eureka moment “I’ll put on a little mixed media show” I had taken part in a show at the Brighton Fishing Quarter Gallery in May 2009 and fell in love with the venue. The location is beautiful and the little fishing museum and smokehouse hold a nostalgic piece of Brighton’s history, plus the gallery is subsidised and therefore affordable for us “artists” to hire. Luckily for me there was some availability so I booked it without a second thought.

Taking part In Platform are five locals whose work is exciting, fresh, bold and of a high standard, with the aim being that everyone works in a different medium. There is Kevin “Lomokev” Meredith, I am guessing that most of you will be aware of his photography (that’s why I married him but he doesn’t know that). Next is Liw Banks, a printer and stitcher of owls and elephants, also a next door neighbour which has been very useful for morale. Piers Evershed who creates full impact paintings and Lucy Ashworth who makes the cutest, boldest and friendliest plush toys that you have ever, ever seen. I will be writing a blog post on each over the next couple of weeks, so look out for them.

As for yours truly, I have just completed the most adorable collection of precious jewellery that you have probably ever seen, a collection of Woodland creatures supporting golden crowns, diamond eyes and ruby hearts (did I mention that I’ve been busy?). The new jewellery will be launched at the gallery on September 8th and online at the beginning of September, I am going to find it emotionally hard to part with some of them. All being good there will also be a non precious collection which is currently work in progress…

So there will be free crisps and maybe wine (of course there’ll be wine but I don’t want you to just turn up for that) so please pencil in the dates September 8th to 19th, from 10am until 5pm. The private view / party is going to be on Tuesday 13th of September, 6pm until 9pm, if you’ve had the patience to read this far then you’re invited. If you are planning to come dropping me a little email with attendee’s names to info@rockcakes.com will help us to know how many crisps to buy.

We all hope to see you there….


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