Platform 2012 – Introducing the Line Up…

So after last years super fun Platform show at the fishing quarter gallery we’re doing it all again this year. Ok ,ok, you’ve sussed me, it’s just an excuse to spend two weeks hanging out on the beach with a bunch of super talented souls, yay! i’m so excited. There were five artists showing off their skills last year, this year there will be ten “platforming” their work and showing you what they can make and do. The aim again is to get a proper range of skills together for a strong mixed media show. Right, where to begin… There will be photographer Lomokev, my better half depending on how you want to look at it, with his vibrent block mounted prints. Kirstin Stride has been my wing man with this years organisation of Platform and she will be showing her illustrated brooches and jewellery. Kirstin has been hand drawing and colouring to the max, creating vibrent nature inspired pieces, each one totally unique and different. The very distinctive work of artist Saffron Reichenbacker will be on show and of course for sale! From her pocket mirrors and badges to beautiful prints, you can check out Saffron’s work on her website. The zingy and utterly fabulous paper cut work by Lou Taylor will be for sale including cards and perfect pictures for your wall. With a retro feel, Lou’s work really pops with bright colours and super fun subjects, the pieces are super irresistible… For something unique and playful, Sally Welchman’s work is full of character. Her paintings on wood are original and the themes are very cute and fun, you can check them out on her flickr stream As soon as I saw these little beauties on Etsy I was smitten, Sarah James aka Brighton Crock makes THE funest and funniest plates, mugs and tea pots that you might ever encounter – especially if you are a Brightoner!From the laser eyed seagull plates to the “Let them eat chips” illustration, I want a full set, I”ll get there one piece at a time! Anyway, I asked this lady to take part last year but she was unable to so I am so happy that she will be joining us for platform 2012! If you are prim and proper and can be easily offended by rude words then look away now because Deborah Ewing aka The Pink Minx is going to be presenting her naughty soft furnishings, they are kinda cute and kitch, made out of the kind of fabrics that your nanwould have adorned her hose with, on closer inspection you will find commonly used phrases such as “suck my cock” etc… finely appliquéd to each. This year we have a fab glass artist taking part, Su Wilson aka Partially Obscured will be centre showcasing her beautifully made and cleverly recycled / reclaimed glassware. Think beakers made from old bear bottles and candle holders from frosted cut wine bottles – she’s a fab talent. I’m really looking forward to seeing the work by Spencer aka Petting zoo, I only met this man yesterday (Kirstin signed him up for the show) he is one super laid back character who produces fun, bold and distinctive prints, very desirable – there goes the rest of any profits I make… Oh and then there will be me with my bingitty – bling, precious and non precious, affordable and not quite as affordable jewellery, take your pick!! There will be a few new pieces thrown in for good measure… So Platform will be open every day from Thursday the 23rd to September 3rd, The “Private View” (we all know that means lil’ party) will be in the evening of Thursday 23rd from 6pm to about 9pm, you’ll be able to have a chat with all of the Platformers that evening, although they may be a little tipsy…. And, finally for now, as all of the work is handmade on these fair isles we are planning a day of British inspired fun on the bank holiday Monday (August 27th) more information on that to follow. I can’t f*$+ing wait… am I allowed to sware on my blog?… I just hope that my Mum’s not reading…. Please put a note in your diary to come and see us.

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  1. Looks like such an awesome show! We shall definitely be visiting 😀

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