Platforming – Sally Welchman

The work by Sally Welchman is completely captivating.

Sally collects wood from around Brighton, pieces that are discarded on the street, maybe she is know to do a little skip dipping, i’ll have to ask her about that! Working from her kitchen table, Sally paints beautiful charicter onto each unwanted wooden canvas.

All of the paintings are different and each holds true character, from the sad eyed seagull to the little pug and pretty white house.

Sitting in the gallery during the day has really given me time to make attachements to them, there was a wonderful bear “somebody leant me a jig saw” were sallys words whilst she was hanging it, with its odd eyes and random shape, his face is friendly, like the friendliness that you feel for your old sofa, it sold on the first day.

I was eying up the Sloth but my friend claimed love for him before I had the chance to so she is having him as a wedding present, I am hoping that he is the oddest present that she receives.

You can check out Sally’s work on her Flickr stream. A rat still hangs on the platform wall, if he is not gone by the end of the show then he will be mine!…..

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  1. maureen burgess says:

    I would love to purchase one of Sally’s paintings, how can I contact her?

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