Eight ways to encourage positive thinking

Today there is a global promotion for positive thinking, something that we can probably all do better with awareness and practice.

If you’re struggling to keep your eyes to the skies these are a few things that help me to stay happy and bright…

One – I listen to a lot of positive YouTube vibes with my faves being:

  • Hindzsight – He has all the feels. It’s like taking tea with a bestie…
  • Impact Theory – Go check out the full interviews for an in depth positive kick.
  • Jay Shetty – His work goes from strength, I would recommend checking out his website and his book “Think like a monk”.
  • And of course the TED talks

Two – Take a walk… I am super lucky to live here in Hastings, there are beaches to explore, an old town to wonder and wander and an awesome park. Try and be a tourist in your own town and take a camera – you might see your familiar surroundings in a new light.

Three – Read happy, turn off the tv!! Stay up to date – sure – but don’t drown in the news, our brains have not evolved to comprehend a constant barrage of global destruction and sadness. If you find yourself slipping into the depth of news despair try Positive News magazine – it helps to balance out the doom and gloom.

Positive thinking on every page

Four – Get connected! Call your bestie just say “I’m thinking of you…” You don’t need a reason to tell your loved ones that you…. ermm… love them!

Five – Hook yourself up with some positive bling. I rave about these bracelets by Oh Someday ALL THE TIME!! I love my “You got this” bracelet but you can have them personalised with whatever resonates with you, you can also send these directly to a friend…

Positive thoughts around your wrist

Six – Get yourself some daily visuals. I have “Stop fucking waiting” as a framed print next to my bed, much to the amusement of my 11 year old daughter! Anthony Burrill’s “Ask More Questions” hangs above the kitchen table and there are several other type based artworks scattered around our home. Many of us speak to ourselves in words and not images so these positive statements slowly sink into our psyche. The 13 Prints does a super fun and affordable range of positive prints….

Seven – Put on your favourite tune, ideally one with some feel good lyrics sing (and dance) along, or, even better, make yourself a happy vibes playlist. I have Spotify playlists to make me “feel better” and joint playlists that are added to by my besties. A good place to start is with Prince….

Eight – And this is super silly but my daughter and I love doing it in the car… Ask Siri or Alexa to tell you a joke. Some of them are actually almost funny!

Why Positive Thinking is important

Much of my work is inspired by spreading positive vibes, healthy self talk and happy thoughts. Positive self belief is the key to having a healthy mind and a happy life. Challenge yourself daily to work on the habit of positive self talk and positive thinking, it sounds simple but it takes awareness and practice.

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