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Inspiration Monday # 016

Now there’s nothing more inspiring than some new stationery, come on, you know that you’ve got a secret obsession, well mine’s no secret. I’ve had a stationery “problem” ever since I can remember, as a child I wasted hours arranging my little desk in my bedroom. Much to my parents annoyance I had sticky labels marking the positions of my  “hole punch”, “pen pot”, “ruler”, “sellotape” etc… I had a tins full of sickly sweet smelling rubbers shaped like buckets and spades, bunny heads and rainbows, boxes of pencils organised in spectrums and cupboards full of notebooks. I guess that my obsession peaked at 17 when I took a job at office world, mmmm happy memories…

Anyway, about 18 months or so ago I came across this little website called Present and Correct, they are based in the UK and sell a selection vintage and handmade utterly beautiful stationery, from note cards to typewriters. Just browsing on their site brings a feeling of nostalga, there are original pens from the 60’s, masking tapes in a rainbow of colours and pencil sharpners with five holes, imagine that, it truly is the stuff that dreams are made of. They often have one off pieces which you need to be quick to catch, I’ve missed out on some real treats in the past.

Present and Correct are also on Etsy, oh and so am I

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