Robot Bunny and Friends – The Pop-Up

Something for the weekend # 14

Roll-up roll-up “Robot Bunny and Friends” the pop-up shop is now open, it is on the second floor of Whiteley’s shopping centre in west London, close to Notting Hill. The family Meredith took a long awaited pilgrimage to the store where we were greeted by the main man, who, with somewhat nervous excitement, watched us rummaging through the pristine piles of modern graffiti influenced tee’s as we took everything in.

The space is white washed with soft colour changing lighting that sets the mood, working as a canvas for Robot Bunny’s vision, a huge “cloud carrier” from the Robot Bunny comic boldly stretches in monochrome across one of the walls, on first sight I thought it was a transfer but then realised that it has been drawn by hand, there are vinyls on the walls and windows of other characters from the RB comic (and a few Rock Cakes clouds for good measure), even the light bulbs have vinyl faces.

As I mentioned in the previous blog post Robot Bunny is platforming work from nine other artists including Rock Cakes, on the till there are RC vs RB acrylic badges and our jewellery, which will feature in my next blog post, is on display tucked safely under the glass!

RB informs me that this store is work in progress, it is only the second time that he has had the chance to do this and he is continuing to develop new thoughts, ideas and directions for the shop as time goes on. We are guaranteed that the store will be open until the end of January but there is talk of it continuing for much longer, so if you are in and around London town then take a little trip to Queens Road W2 to show your support, check it out for yourself, buy a tee shirt, get blinged up and make sure that you say hello.

See the store being set up here.

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