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Something for the weekend # 12

There’s a young man “certified genius”, based in London, who has a busy and forever wondering mind. The story begins in 2008 when Daryll Thomas is on holiday in Rhodes, building a bunny on the beach in the sand, his girlfriend tells him that it looks more like a robot “yes” he informs her “it’s a… errr… robot bunny” here he began to record his thoughts on paper and thus Robot Bunny was born and it was the start of something magnificently crazy.

When I say that he records his thoughts, there are no use of words, Daryll thinks in illustrations, comic illustrations to be precise and lots of them, enough in fact to create a whole universe made up of characters, planets and crazy happenings. I have a copy of “Robot Bunny – and the digital carrots” the first edition of his comic, set to be released early in 2011, (watch this space as I will be shouting from the rooftops when it is available) for some reason my copy is blue, but I think that is another story. Scene one begins with “Colonel Panic” a little “delivery bot” who has a habit of shorting out and crash landing on the wrong destination, in this instance on “Planet Mash”. I was lucky enough for the man himself to talk me through the whole first story, introducing me to the “Cloud Carriers” “Kola Kubes” and “Giraffes” it was like listening to act one where the scene was set for an utterly bonkers adventure, I think that if he is not careful RB is going to collect some serious cult followers.

And so after drawing up these characters by hand and later transferring them into digital images, Daryll decided to print up some tee’s. He was in a store wearing one and was asked where he got it, after explaining that the character was his, the store took on a few and found that they were sold out in a matter of days. Rather than spending the tee money on booze and fags, Daryll re invested the unexpected cash back into his work and went on to land a pop-up shop all of his own in Brent Cross. The shop was open during February and March of this year – an amazing achievement considering then that the concept of RB was merely a year old.

The roots of Robot Bunny are clearly hip hop and street influenced, there is a manga twist to the comic and he aptly describes the story as an Urban Fairytale. The garments he produces are very distinctive, bold and wearable, from the Cloud Carrier sweater to the Colonel Panic tee’s which can be found in his online shop. I just can’t wait to see the new pieces he is bringing out in at his new pop-up shop, yes that’s right folks, pop-up shop number two is imminent and will be popping up in the Whiteleys centre on Queens Road, West London, very, very soon and this time he is sharing it with some friends, including yours truly.

“Robot Bunny and Friends”: confirmed line up for the store is: Robot Bunny, Soap Box, Merrimaking, Studio Rudo, Villainous Visard, Terratag, DBD, DroneBoy, PXL and Rock Cakes.

So really do watch this space and I will let you know when the shop is opening. I will also let you know about an amazing collaboration between Rock Cakes and Robot Bunny, oh my god this joint venture is so fucking hip hop, just looking at the work we have produced makes me think I’m cooler than Jay-Z…

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