Rock Cakes Jewellery

Rock Cakes is an independent jewellery brand based in Brighton, uk.


My name is Sarah Meredith and I set up and run Rock Cakes. I make jewellery that is fun, accessible and precious, pieces to treasure and enjoy, whether made from precious materials, acrylic or wood.

I graduated in 2000 with a first class hons in jewellery design, I went on to work for a prestigious luxury jewellery designer in London where I worked my way from being general runner, cleaner and tea maker to being the production manager, buying in stones and metals and coordinating a team of jewellers.

In 2008 I was overwhelmed with the need to work on my own ideas and I quit my day job, it was a huge leap for me which I took with my eyes closed and I have never looked back.

I bring the lessons that I have learnt with me into Rock Cakes, my aim is to make jewellery that makes people smile, work that makes people feel something, well made pieces of affordable luxury. Part of the whole package is offering a service that is caring and friendly, I hold great value in that moment when you hold your new jewel for the first time and feel excited, warm and fuzzy, that’s my job.

You can read the customer reviews and feed back from my Etsy shop here:


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