Rock Cakes vs Robot Bunny

Inspiration Monday # 08

So here it is at last, it has been nearly a year in the making, finally Rock Cakes has brought the genius comic works of Robot Bunny to blinging wearable life.

Along side a collection of colourful, affordable acrylics we have created three “Colonel Panic” pendants. Robot Bunny came at me early last year with a hip hop back ground and wanted big and heavy, it is a pleasure working with somebody who has no preconceptions as he has not worked with jewellery before, he just knew the feel that he wanted and our creativity just clicked. At first I thought is this boy for real? he wants pendants so chunky that they will be (almost) uncomfortable to wear, he emailed me a link to some Westwood killer heals (and I mean killer in a literal sense) saying “fashion don’t need to be practical”. I got the message, so I ran passed him what the outcome would be if we threw practicality out of the window “yeah” was my reply “that’s what I’m talking about, big bold heavy and f_+* off cool” and I think that is what we have achieved.

We begin with lunar, the more simple of the trio, he is Colonel Panic in his basic form, raw, with no added bling, Solar comes next, he has acquired a layer of 18ct yellow gold plate, like he’s been kissed by the sun and finally we have Meteor and oh I dream about him. The silver pendant alone weighs over 60 grams (which is heavy), then you’ve got this weighty glittering chain, Meteor is set with rings and blings of diamonds and a rainbow of rubies, sapphires, amethyst and emeralds, finally he has been plated deep space style, in black rhodium, he is to die for.

You can pay homage to the three pieces at the London pop-up for the foreseeable future, the work is then spending April up in Glasgow at Brazen gallery and will be in Brighton’s Jewel Thief during September.

The acrylics are currently limited edition and can only be purchased from the “Robot Bunny and friends” pop-up store and all of the work will be on soon.

TheĀ  Colonel Panics are made to order and price is on application!!! it’s not about the money, it is about the want and need…

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