Scooter & Jinx

There is a new super cool little shop open at 23 High Street, Hastings where you can get hold of the latest designer toys. We popped along to their Halloween opening celebration last night and they had an enticing selection of merchandise, I wanted everything.

I was limited (by my sensible husband) to choosing just one new toy, I couldn’t resist an “Evil Icecream” and as an extra treat i also got to leave with a blind box “Qee Mini Metalic” (i got the blue one and now i want the rest). I’m not too clued up about this whole collectible toy thing but can feel it slowly drawing me in, it’s like kinder eggs for adults.

If you want to know more, get a treat for yourself, a gift for a friend or just see some fun and gorgeously playful pieces of art, go and visit Scooter & Jinx in there lovely shop, they are super nice and friendly and you are guaranteed not to leave empty handed. If Hastings is simply too far away then fear not they have a fab website with an online shop full of great products, news and things to excite you. The perfect place for geeks….


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