The house I have bought…

Call it what you will; brave, naïve, risky, lucky…. For those of you that follow my insta stories you’ll know that I have just moved house.

After a somewhat rocky start to life here in Hastings I managed to scrape my money together to buy a maisonette that I love.

As you know, the world has been upside down for the last 18 months and the housing market chaotic, especially here by the sea as more people work from home and want to change their lifestyles. I have friends, a family of five, that are forced to live with their in-laws because their purchase fell through and others that had properties fall through three times.

The clock was against me as the house I was moving from needed to be sold before Boris axed the stamp duty holiday. I had 10 weeks to find something and jump through all of the hoops to complete in time. It has been the most stressful time of my life – still did my RockCakes work though! 😉

So, a long story short, I found a maisonette that buyers had pulled out of due to the condition of the property – yeah, it needs work doing! I put in an offer on the same day and here I am. If you believe in all that zodiac nonsense I am 100% Taurus, headstrong and tenacious, and sometimes, just sometimes, it gets me where I need to be. Now I just have to figure out mastering advanced DIY skills – or work hard and find some professionals…

Wanna see what I’ve gone and done…?!

The landing’s current features are major damp, random holes and amazing light.
Lighting currently features major health hazard.
Matilda’s favourite details are the wonky door handles…
The blue woodchip that is RockCakes HQ
Might need some new flooring….
Might work on the doors!
Handles but no catches!
The fireplace has been tiled up 80’s style, lucky my AB print kinda hides it for now…
And an awesome bay window awaiting some love

So there we are, a little glimpse into RockCakes HQ and what I’ll be doing in my spare time. There are no shelves in the house, no wardrobes, the kitchen I can’t even photograph! I’ll share some things along the way. Currently deciding where to start… If you get an invitation to visit me I’d turn it down ‘cus I’ll have you stripping the woodchip which is covering about 70% of the house!

Joking aside, I do feel very lucky to be in the position that I am in. To be able to make this place home for myself and the girl is a privilege. The aim is to restore the place as much as I can and share a little inspiration along the way, we all know I love a project! This house is 140 years old and the previous owners were clearly oblivious to the little bit of history that was in their hands.

There is another house in the vicinity that have an awesome Instagram account, I’ll be keeping a close eye on that for some inspiration and tips!

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