Things to do when you’re feeling cobalt blue…

They say it’s ‘blue Monday’ but to be honest who knows what f’in day it is at the moment…

It’s all over social, jokey memes or full on complaining that 2021 will be as bad, if not worse, than 2020.

It won’t be. If you decide it’s not going to be. I truly believe that life is what you make of it and the key to being happy is to look after that brain of yours.

I’ve struggled with the best of them through 2020, it really had its challenges. I’m still here and you’re still here and each day is a gift – the sun rises and the sun sets and you get to be on this awesome planet.

Wanna fight away the dreaded cobalts? These are my top tips with a focus on isolation / being alone…

Connect with a friend. I could not have got through the last year without me besties, they know who they are… The year of the covid has totally filtered the wheat from the chaff and I really do know who I need in my life and who I can be there for in return. If you’re feeling shitty they probably are too, give them a call or just send them a few emojis to let them know you care.

Take a fresh breath. Grab your coat because you’re going out… Where’s your favourite place? Where haven’t you been in a while? Where have you never been that’s right on your doorstep…? Stick a pin in a (local) map and head out for a wander. Go and look at the different colour front doors, pick a bunch of wild sprigs for a vase or jam jar, take a lap around the nearest park, do some weeding in your garden, just put your shoes on and get the fuck out of the house…

Give yourself a break. It’s okay to do nothing. I am probably the most guilty of not doing this. The last thing on my agenda is to take time out. What is more relaxing than lighting a candle, grabbing some treats, a magazine or favourite book, sit on the sofa and do fuck all – try to have some zero screen time here… I’m forever washing and cleaning and working and tidying. Schedule in some nothing, zero, lazy as fuck, nope time…

Make a mood board – be it a virtual one on Pinterest or an actual, real, torn up magazines and pritt stick one. Personally I have folders which I’ve been keeping and updating since 1997 – what a geek. When you go through a magazine ripping out pages that inspire you, your imagination is sparked and you get that little hit of dopamine – it makes you daydream, plan and think about a brighter future. Be aware of what you are drawn to, if it’s nature plan a walk, somewhere favourite or somewhere new. If it’s fashion why not have a rummage through your wardrobe and team up some of those long forgotten purchases. If it’s interior do some tidying and rearranging, clear off a shelf and arrange it with some of your favourite things.

Write a letter or send a gift. OMG!! Snail mail is so underrated. Most companies and makers will send their products, complete with a personal note, wherever you like. Make it anonymous and keep your friend guessing for a day or two…

I like to keep a selection of cards ready for postal action. The ones below are from Unlimited Gallery and stay positive postcard from Paperchase by AlxndraCook.

If you’re after some ideas… my friend just sent me some awesome biscuits from

Oh someday has the most inspiring affordable jewellery and lets you make it personal.

Berrylune have all the gifts under the sun and they package super pretty:

And if you want to splash out Anya Hindmarch lets you send direct and add a little note… MASSIVE HINT!!!

Read a book, that old chestnut… I’m a bit of a book junkie and love an uplifting read. If I’m busy working Audible is awesome. Here are my most recent listens and reads…

Jay Shetty – Think like a monk. This book can take you deep, teach you to look at yourself and grow towards being the person you want to be.

Mark Goulston & Philip Goldberg – Get out of your own way. I have listened to the audio version and read the book. It is full of top tips pointing out big and small things you can do to get your life going in the direction that you want.

Cash Carraway – Skint Estate. This is a snap shot of the darker side of what poverty can be. I think about this book often in everyday live – it has stayed with me. This one will make you laugh and cry, be thankful for what you have and give to food banks every time you go to the supermarket. Funny, relevant, poignant and in places heartbreaking.

Wake up with yoga! I’ve done a 20 minute session every morning for a few months now and I actually, very almost, have one muscle on each arm. Whether I want to or not it is non negotiable and I haven’t missed one morning. I recommend Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. And yes, I do it in my pyjamas…

Go and get a pet – okay, okay, that might be a little impractical and irresponsible, a pet is for life and not just for blue Monday but I have just obtained a kitten – for the first time ever and the joy it has brought is second to none. Kids wet their pants and you get to love something that will just give you affection and ask for next to nothing. When I lived alone in London I had one little goldfish “Bob” and he literally made me feel less alone – not sure what that says about me!

Last but not least, if you missed Graysons Art Club go and watch it on 4OD. It is inspirational, funny and moving. It might just kick your arse into doing a little bit of art….

Above all, remember that you are not alone, they call it blue Monday because the low is widespread. Go connect with loved ones and remember that the spring sun will be back in the sky before we know it….

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  1. Kate says:

    Love this Rockcakes! Excellent advice all round! Thank you for the shout out and thanks for being a there through these difficult times

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