Tick tock panic time

Something for the weekend # 13

So if you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet then you’re cutting it a bit bloomin’ fine, all hope is not lost but you best be getting a wriggle on, here are some ideas from my favorite people that you can order online, it might just save you a few grey hairs…

For the fashion junkies you can’t go wrong with a subscription to Vogue, you generally save 50% on the retail price and they usually offer a free cool gift that will keep any girlie happy. Also check out the “new in” pages of Topshop.com for fresh affordable wearable treats or Netaporter for less affordable designer wears. And there’s always Rockcakes.com!

For the boys and techy geeks a subscription to wired will help keep them quite through the year and keep their grey matter active, also a bargain at only ¬£22.80 on amazon – you don’t even have to get up to get it.

For the cool trendy types then check out up and coming Robot Bunny, his merchandise is uber cool and a new range of sweats is imminent, I suggest that you check out his website or go and visit him at his brand new pop-up shop due to open tomorrow in west London’s whitely’s centre. I will be visiting in the new year to get myself (and my husband) a treat or two.

For the artistic type that love to be inspired then you have just about got time to order a copy of “Hot Shots” from my better half, he might even sign it for you and if you want to splash your cash then I cannot tell you enough how much I rate this little camera, combined with a copy of Lomokev’s book you will keep somebody busy well into 2011.

For the grown up kids out there Scooter & Jinx have a fab website where you can order designer toys and blind boxed toys, perfect stocking gifts and playful treats.

If you are properly desperate then there are two days left to order from Amazon and M&S have some good offers on their booze, who (other than recovering alcoholics) can turn their nose up to a bottle of bubbly, a box of chocs and a dvd.

Best of luck to you and happy (bloody) Christmas (shopping).

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