Trying something new – playing with porcelain…

At the end of last year RockCakes hq was hectic, lots of head down working, a lack of daylight and little time for creativity, I felt the need to do some humble hands on making. I was getting all green eyed when seeing “proper” creative work and was craving some creative therapy. If you listen to your jealousy it usually tells you something – mine was telling me to play with porcelain.

I’d previously been in touch with The Mudworks in St Leonards but it was lockdown and there were no spaces so I poked them again in January, explaining what I had in mind and there was a space for me.

Thinking about it now I can’t believe that I have been going there for almost five months. I am not good with routine, I tend to go off track depending on the demands of life and my business, so having a structured three hours every Wednesday has been a way of scheduling in some quality play.

I wrote a little instagram post about it back in February. I had no idea what I was going to make and hadn’t touched a lump of clay since college back in ’96, at that time I did not enjoy using it and was only interested in using metals. So to have this desire was a bit odd and knowing where to start felt like a vulnerable place to be, especially in a room of more practiced ceramicists. So I started with some teeny tiny slugs… obvs!

I am now working on some “Don’t Worry” beads, they are very handmade (ie wonky) it’s a work in progress but I am loving every minute.

Mudworks have been amazing and I have met a group of super sweet people, the chit-chat whilst making gets me laughing, it feels like home and the coffee always comes in a fabulous handmade mug.

So if you’re feeling out of sync with yourself or have a weird bit of envy go try that thing, even if it’s just a few hours a week.

The don’t worry beads will be for sale as necklaces on my website later this year, if you are interested in getting one let me know and I can give you a little heads up when they are ready đŸ™‚


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