What the future holds (the second half of 2012)…

After the madness that was the Brighton May Open House festival, Brighton Fashion week and the first ever two day Craftaganza (see the happy makers below), I have given myself a nice lil’ break from shows. I needed some time to get my online things together, settle a little one in nursery and to allow my braincells to regroup – it doesn’t take much for them to go off track!

There are lots of plans, possibly (probably) too many, for the latter half of 2012, it is going to be a big challenge and hopefully super fun along the way. I am again with the help of Kirstin Stride, organising the mixed media show “Platform” which I ran last year at The Fishing Quarter Gallery. This year it’s a bit earlier, we have the gallery during peak time, end of August rather than mid September, all info will follow, no doubt if you follow me on twitter I will be tweeting the shit out of it!…

October see’s the first of the Craftaganza Live talks, with the help of Zoe Edwards and Kirstin Stride, I will be putting on monthly evening events at the fabulous Old Market in Hove, there will be one main speaker followed by a few drinks in the bar, the talks are going to be free but your drinks will need to be paid for. The intention is to gather makers and craft enthusiasts together to be inspired, share knowledge, learn new things, make new crafty friends and generally hangout, networking – for want of a better phrase. I am twisting the arms of some inspirational and successful local creatives and asking them to give us a little insight into their world…

Here are the 2012 dates so far…

August 11th – Makers Boutique. Unitarian Church Brighton.
August 23rd to September 3rd – Platform. Fishing Quarter Gallery Brighton.
September 1st – Makers Boutique. Unitarian Church Brighton.
October 6th – Makers Boutique. Unitarian Church Brighton.
October 10th – Craftaganza Live. The Old Market, Hove.
November 3rd – Makers Boutique. Unitarian Church Brighton.
November 14th – Craftaganza Live. The Old Market, Hove.
December 1st – Makers Boutique. Unitarian Church Brighton.

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