Yellow Owl Workshop

Inspiration Monday # 015

It is not often that I find myself plugging other jewellers but you’ve gotta check out the work that is coming out of Yellow Owl Workshop. Based in San Francisco these guys are mainly print orientated, they have released a fab book entitled Print Workshop, it is available on amazon and I spotted it last weekend in Urban Outfitters. The book is packed with print ideas from the very simple and basic to some more complex techniques and projects that can easily be adapted to achieve work of your own design. I have recently started to get interested in print work and find myself constantly referring to this little book.

Anyway, the reason I feel it necessary to mention these guys is not only for the book but for their fabulous new pendents, selling at just $44 each, they combine gold plate with vivid enamel work in a really unique way, making necklaces that feel very special, handmade and super pretty. There is a colour wheel pendant which has to be a must for any fashion conscious girl and their shields depicting honey bees, earth and fire, water and air and even an owl, yes the ubiquitous owl strikes again, are cute beyond belief. Check out their website and blog to see the full range of work.

If these guys don’t bring a bit of happiness and inspiration to your life then I really don’t know what will…

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