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Last wednesday evening (March 27th 2013) saw Craftaganza founder Zoe Edwards step up to the mic to tell us the story behing Craftaganza, from it’s humble beginnings to her future vision and aspirations.


The market is one of my favorites to take part in and (apparently) I have never missed selling at it, one of Zoe’s Craftaganza Facts! The makers have always been of a high calibre, Zoe spends time working on the application process, choosing who she feels will be a great seller and getting a wide variety of products which are well made and at the heart of what the makers do.


Zoe also visits other craft fairs such as Renegade, which comes from the US to London once a year (pictured below), Brixton’s Crafty Fox and Bust magazines Craftacular and looks out for fresh ideas and generally keeps a head of what is going on in the scene (she makes her visits in disguise, moustache, cape, top hat etc…). Zoe also takes time to spread the Craftaganza word to potential sellers and crafters whose work she admires meaning that standards of work are raised as the fair progresses.


There is always a lively vibe at each Craftaganza, excitement in the air amongst the sellers, great music playing (thanks to Kirstin Stride) and hardcore workers on the door pulling in potential buyers, what ever the weather, in order to convert them to the life of buying handmade and more sustainable products.

The talk allowed us see that hours of work that go into running Brighton Craftaganza, getting each craft fair to go smoothly takes more work than you may think and Zoe’s passion for Craftaganza lifts the standards of each event. From choosing the sellers to arranging the tables, booking the venue, which means putting her own money upfront, to the graphic identity and running the brilliant Craftaganza blog, the work is never ending!….


Craftaganza and the work that Zoe does really helps the craft scene in Brighton, there is an above average array of talented makers in this city and putting them together in this environment adds strength and value to the products that we make. These events at Fabrica can open the eyes of the passing by shoppers who have been directed (often by Rehanon Mackenzie or Patrick Potter) to come inside and take a look, it can quash preconceptions of what the word “craft” means. I have seen stunned looks on faces and genuine surprise at what is on offer and all produced locally.


So long live Craftaganza! the work that Zoe does is invaluable to us makers who are trying to carve a career out of the work that we love to do.

Next Craftaganza Live is on Wednesday 17th April from 7pm, we will be hearing from Mike Levy, Artist and owner of Castor and Pollux, the amazing seafront gallery here in Brighton. The talk will be about approaching galleries with your work. More info on that to follow!….


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