Welcome to the RockCakes website 💕

A little bit about me...

I'm Sarah Meredith, jewellery designer at heart with a love for modern art, fashion, books, magazines, world music and culture.

RockCakes jewellery is a reflection of the world around me and my take on it. The ethos behind the brand is simple: to spark joy, spread positive vibes and put smiles on faces.

The Jewellery...

I graduated in 2000 with a first in Jewellery design and went on to work for a Notting Hill jeweller until setting up RockCakes in 2008.

For me, ideas come first and the designs follow. The design dictates the mediums that I work in resulting in products that use a spectrum of materials. From precious metals and stones to laser cut acrylics, porcelain and enamel pins - little pieces of art.

With a precious workshop in Shoreham, laser cutter in Brighton and the studio in Hastings, I use local suppliers where possible. The products are high end and made to last.

Customer care...

Happiness is at the core of my brand's existence. Without happy customers, there would be no RockCakes. I'm always here to offer jewllery help and advice.