Commissions & Repairs

We offer a full repair, remake and commission service. It's a great way to give your old jewellery a new lease of life... ❤️‍🩹

Maybe you have family jewellery that is not your style, a ring that does not fit, loose stones that need setting or gold that could be melted down and made into something new. Better than letting things gather dust we can give them a new life to be worn and enjoyed again.

We can also restring necklaces if they are coming apart or need the length adjusted.

One of our favourite things to do is work to commission, it can be a design from the collection or something new just for you.

If you have something in mind or would like to discuss some ideas and possibilities drop me a message.

Below are some examples of commissions we have worked on - prices vary depending on each piece.


Three stone ring. Emerald and diamonds from customers own ring which once belonged to a family member, we also added the gold. The finished piece was super lush, timeless and set simply and securely so that it will last.


Another super lush ring, a yellow gold diamond scatter band. Made from the customers own gold which we melted down. It was then set with brilliant cut diamonds that we supplied. A new super sparkly piece made to last.

Commissioned... A super awesome emerald ring, we used cad to design it before casting in platinum. Set with bright white brilliant cut diamonds and a stunning emerald that we sourced and supplied. It looked amazing in real life and was a labour of love to create.

A favourite project. We were approached by a lady with a vintage signet ring handed down from family, giving the addition of the rainbow precious stones the ring was transformed and made even more personal and loved.

A super lush signet ring... The white gold was supplied by us but the stones were the customers own, unset from jewellery that was no longer worn. The finished piece looked lush, especially the square cut stones when flush set.

Commissioned... A moving and personal piece. We have made a few signature pins, one was gifted to the groom on his wedding day, by his soon to be wife. The signature of his dad who has passed. Another labour of love to make, we have created them in silver and gold.

Another commission of a scattered band. The customer wanted muted tones we worked with tourmalines and sapphires set into brushed silver, making something unique and one off. All materials supplied by RockCakes.

A signet ring with clients own rubies and diamonds, the mix of square and round stones flush set looked sure awesome on this everyday classic ring.

How super cute was this commission. Yellow sapphire and silver supplied by us we worked on drawings with the customer to make a super sweet seaside vibe signet ring. Hand engraved making it totally unique.

And I can't leave this one out... A commission we did for the Hayward Gallery London for the Louise Bourgeois exhibition. A few hundred enamel pins. 💕